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Richard, 67 years old, complains of increased frequency and urgency during the last 6 months and urgency urinary incontinence during the last month.  

  • Clinical examination: DRE: normal. Prostate volume: 27 ml.
  • IPSS: 21 (IPSS QoL: 5)
  • Lab: PSA: 0.8 ng/ml
  • Bladder diary: Increased frequency during daytime, 2 times/night.
  • Uroflowmetry:
    First time: voided volume: 100 ml, Qmax: 8 ml/s; PVR: 30 ml, intermittent and fluctuating flow.
    Second time: voided volume: 360 ml, Qmax: 25 ml/s; PVR: 0 ml, bell shaped flow.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

Overactive detrusor

Bladder outlet obstruction

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